Wellness in Mental Health Therapy

There is a lot of talk around wellness in recent years. Many people are confused around the word wellness and how to achieve this or how it plays into mental health therapy settings. I am going to outline wellness, what it means in therapeutic settings and some simple practices that can increase your ability to maintain physical and mental wellness.

Physical and Mental wellness is the process of working towards a fulfilling and well-balanced life. Engaging in wellness practices is a journey and generally, there are always things that you can do to work towards this balance. It sounds vague, and it is. This is what makes wellness practices so challenging for many because it can be very confusing to know where to start and what is going to be helpful for you. Below is a graphic of where I start with individuals, created by Daniel Siegle and David Rock it outlines 8 categories that we should try to balance in order to create wellness. Different activities coordinate in each of these categories.

In therapy, we plan out where you are in each categories, different activities you can do to increase your balance and then engage in different therapeutic styles to increase any of the categories you are finding yourself stuck in. Brainspotting and Mindfulness are both very effective strategies to help increase your ability to engage in all 8 categories and increase your overall wellness.

To find out more, or see how we can help you move through the healthy mind platter and find more balance in your life, simply reach out via call or the contact us form. We are here to help.

Patrice Flanagan-Morris, LCSW
Director of Education and Outpatient Therapist

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