COVID-19 Support

Managing fear and uncertainty in these times of COVID-19 is certainly challenging. Many people are struggling to know what the right next move is for them, many don’t have the option of working from home meaning they will be facing financial hardships. In times like these, our survival brain goes online and we start doing things based on core beliefs of self and our past adversities and ways we survived through them. Sometimes this means hording supplies, other times lashing out in anger or feeling deep sadness.

It’s important to remember in these times all that we can do to ensure that we are in the healthiest mindset possible. We need connectedness in times of physical distancing, understanding in times of blame and acceptance of what we can and cannot change.

Below are some tips that I have been giving my clients to help with the next few weeks, to possibly months regarding ensuring wellbeing:

  1. Creating a daily schedule
    • This means having a solid wake up and go to bed time and creating structure in your day. Typically when we are not following our typical routine we can get into unhealthy habits of sleeping in too late, eating junk food and straying away from things we are know are healthy for us like exercise or meditation. Creating a schedule so that you are ensuring you are caring for yourself with intention is important. Even if you are scheduling a movie day you are doing so with intention! Some days can be more relaxed but don’t forget the activities that help you feel connected to yourself.
  2. Doing at home workouts.
    • Even if you are just walking around your home keep moving! It gets easy in these times to become more sedentary, meaning rising rates of depression and overall numbness. Think of creative ways that you can ensure that you are moving throughout your days.
  3. Creating a practice of self awareness and check in.
    • This can be done in many ways, we need to ensure that we are connecting in with ourselves to know what is happening with us! This way we can continue to be in a healthy mindset and know more of what we are needing. Using apps like insight timer or headspace can be helpful with this as well.
  4. Creating connection while physically distant
    • These times can feel lonely, utilize your community. Do more facetime calls with friends so that you are able to see and engage with people, it is much different than texting or messaging. There are also a lot of online communities doing yoga and meditation through Zoom as well as online AA and NA groups!
  5. Sitting in uncertainty
    • We don’t know how long this is going to last, it is scary and feels bigger than what we can handle at times. We can do this, we must take this one day at a time and know what we are needing each day. This is not a hopeless circumstance but one that is going to require you make some changes in your life and one will be, being okay with the uncertainty of it all.
  6. Get a telehealth provider!
    • A lot of therapists are working as hard as they can to figure out telehealth programming and sessions, we are all trying to be creative and interactive through telehealth. If you are feeling free, struggling with trauma that this is bringing up or simply need some additional support to ensure that you stay healthy throughout this time reach out! I offer telehealth in the State of WI and there are many other providers out there.

I hope you all stay well and healthy and found this to be a helpful resource in knowing where you can start to take care of yourself in the wake of COVID-19. Reach out for support,

Patrice Flanagan-Morris, LCSW

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