How brainspotting has changed my practice

Brainspotting to me is a empowering, challenging, frustrating, uplifting and healing way of therapy. If you have read anything I have written, viewed any of my past social media posts or had a 5 minute conversation with me, you know that Brainspotting is a staple in my practice with others and in healing and expansion for myself. 

As a brief review, Brainspotting is a type of body-based therapy that helps us connect into the lower parts of the brain (which hold our emotions, reactions and beliefs of self), work through the experiences that have caused those emotions and reactions to unravel and resolve. 

This means that as we move through the Brainspotting we become less physically/emotionally reactive to certain situations so we are able to stand confident in who we are. It means we become less defensive of ourselves towards others, because we know who we are and can be so compassionate. We can enhance our relationships with others, and ourselves, create more internal and external freedom and really understand who we are at a deeper level and embrace that person. 

So, how has Brainspotting transformed the way that I practice? 

Previously, I was very answer and solution focused. In working with clients I would be compassionate but at times felt like I was taking their pain with me. This would leave me often tired and worn out, confused on what more I could do for my clients and trying to know the answer for my clients. 

Since enhancing my Brainspotting abilities and engaging in my own work, my practice has changed. I now see myself as a guide, someone to walk with you through the pain to find your healing and connect to yourself. You are the leader in working together and showing up non judgmentally, your experience is your experience. 

Enhanced calm, patience and kindness wrap around my practice. I help hold a connected space where you feel seen, heard, understood and create empowerment from within yourself. You have healing within you, it may be hard and painful, and I do not see pain as a bad thing anymore. It is a way to grow and heal when in a space, using a neurological approach, with someone who can give compassion and guidance. 

You are able to find these answers buried within your subconscious mind. You are able to guide your brain to heal. Having someone who is able to sit in, what can feel like a tangled mess, and support you in detangling and moving through is powerful

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Patrice Flanagan-Morris, LCSW

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  1. Yes! Brainspotting has really changed the way I practice too. It is beautiful to create the space for the clients to get out of the way of their own healing, and how Brainspotting takes you in unexpected directions so we have to let go of our expectations and control as well. Peace!

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