Is Brainspotting Right for me? – For the Therapist Looking to get Training?

See the video below to see if Brainspotting training is right for you. Patrice reviews how Brainspotting could impact your practice and the integrative nature of Brainspotting. In turn, if interested in the 90 minute Brainspotting live webinar click here.

To learn more about Brainspotting you can visit Patrice’s webpage here or go to Brainspotting can be such a powerful tool for yourself and your clients. Patrice often uses it to clear her stress and help connect into her creativity and expand in being more authentic. Patrice is certified in Brainspotting and is a consultant for Brainspotting.

If you have additional questions prior to taking the training, feel free to reach out to ask questions. The webinar will do a 60 minute review of what Brainspotting is and a 30 minute Q&A.

Patrice Flanagan-Morris, LCSW

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