Struggling to shed those constant worries in the back of your head – “what if something bad happens”, “there is no way that this will work out the way I want it to”?

The what if’s of life, or thoughts circling around not being, doing, feeling enough. Anxiety is a powerful emotion that tends to hijack us in the worst moments.

It can make us terrified to connect to other people, hyper aware of what other people are thinking or doing and comparisons of ourselves to others run wild. It’s exhausting. That’s probably why you are here. All of the clinicians at Empowerment Within specialize in anxiety treatment.

While anxiety is a healthy and normal human emotion, hijacked anxiety often stops us from enjoying our lives. It holds us back from taking opportunities we would want and often to avoid it we either over work ourselves so we have no time to worry or completely shut down and numb out.


Anxiety turns on our fight vs flight in our brain. Many of us have sensitive fight  or flight triggers due to past trauma, adversity, anxious family members, etc. We teach you how to move out of the fight or flight and into a more calm and settled place so you can deal with whatever is in the here and now. 

Anxiety treatment should involve two steps. Learning how to cope and calm the body when we are struggling with anxiety. Oftentimes we focus on the words going through our mind which only makes anxiety worse – when we learn to calm the body, the mind follows. The other piece of treatment involves digging into the anxiety. When you are ready we help you create curiosity and openness to understanding where your anxiety is stemming from, what hijacks it and resolving this. 

When we have people work on both pieces of treatment, it means they get relief faster in knowing how to manage their anxiety on a day to day basis and their baseline of constant anxiety or anxiety hijacking decreases. 

We understand that being anxious is not just something you “stop worrying about”. It is much deeper than that. You deserve a space where you are heard, seen and validated. You deserve a person sitting across from you that knows how to support you in not only coping with your anxiety but actually decreasing it. 

Our therapists currently specializing in anxiety: Kait, John, Karen, Patrice