Have you been feeling stuck, disconnected, or on autopilot? In contrast, maybe you can feel the pull to do something that feels outside of your comfort zone or are tired of living in the same negative thought patterns. In fact, we all have blocks that hold us back. Actions we observed growing up, trauma, and lack of emotional attunement lead to some of these blocks.

Additionally, our beliefs of self are impacted by birth order or what role we were expected to play in our families growing up. All of these blocks end up holding us back from our intuition, our growth, and our success. Brainspotting helps all of the above and more.

Brainspotting is an innovative and unique therapy that connects old stories and beliefs of ourselves, to physical sensations where they are held in the body. We reorganize the brain through the focused mindfulness process so it no longer has the same impact on our lives.

Breakdown of Vocabulary


  • Old Stories & Core Beliefs: Often learned from a young age. Sometimes we are aware of them, other times we are not. Our actions show our beliefs of self. For example: If I hold a belief of “I’m not enough” my actions may try to prove that I am enough by seeking validation from others. This can look like putting more into my job – often, to a level that often sacrifices my needs and leads to burnout. Therefore, I don’t do enough self-care, I don’t prioritize myself, I take on too much at work, and lack boundaries because I’m proving that I am enough or fearful that I’m not. Limiting core beliefs are often subconscious and come out in patterns of our actions rather than thoughts.
  • Brainspot: We first notice where in our body we find our beliefs and stories the most. Then pair this with a spot in which this story or feeling is amplified. Our lower brain is the one that finds the spot, sometimes this means that tightness in your stomach will increase or tension in your shoulders will grow stronger. Other times we find this through facial ticks, or rapid eye blinks. Our stories are stored in our lower brain and are directly connected to feelings within our bodies. Therapy must involve this part of the brain in order to release these stories.
  • Focused Mindfulness: When we find a spot then we bring awareness and intention to it. Awareness and intention to where our mind leads us (possibly old memories or feelings). In following our brain we are brought to the source(s) of what is causing our brain to think and feel these beliefs.
  • Re-Organize: You release and re-align within the focused mindfulness process. Your brain creates a new perspective and understanding and starts to re-file memories. Those feelings and memories around “I’m not good enough” (or other limiting beliefs) are filed under places like: “I made a mistake” or “that wasn’t about me at all”. With this reorganization, we no longer live by these limiting beliefs.

What happens after Brainspotting?

Take a couple of minutes here to digest some of this information. Then, ask yourself – what gets in my way of what I am wanting in life? Are there ways that I am getting in my own way? Afterward, imagine life without those, without the “what-ifs” and “shoulds”, what could you achieve? What happiness and fulfillment could you cultivate?

Challenges in life will continue to present themselves. On the positive side, Brainspotting can provide, a new relationship with your emotions and challenges. You will have an ability to notice the fear, anxiety, sadness, stress coming up, and what you need to do to care for yourself through this. When you shed the layers of your past, you will move towards growth & fulfillment.

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