Community Education

Community education spans from an educational presentation around the needs of your business or employees to coming in to present to your individual community that your business supports.

These educational programs can run anywhere from 60 minutes – 2 hours. The intention is to bring information and support to your community around whatever your needs are. These programs can be individualized or you can choose from the core presentation we have in place.

Current Core Presentations & Workshops

From Empathy to Compassion: Understanding the difference between empathy and compassion in the brain. Engaging in discussion around how empathy has a tendency to create burnout and additional stress where compassion frees us to be present with people but not carry their pain. Review of exercises to work on shifting from empathy to compassion.

Stress & Wellness: Understanding how stress impacts our body and work and basics around finding more balance. This can be tailored to your specific needs and stressors.


 What have you done in the past?

Past Presentations Include:

Stress and Wellness: Stress’s impact on the mind and body. Additionally, ways to find balance in your life to decrease your stress levels and manage stress more effectively.

Mental Health, Trauma and Adversity: General education on mental health symptoms, trauma and how adversity impacts the mind and body

Understanding Trauma and Innovative Therapies such as Brainspotting and Mindfulness: This training focuses on understanding how our own backgrounds impact us today through brain science. We review Brainspotting and Mindfulness as effective tools to deepen your healing and enliven your life.

Vicarious Trauma: Vicarious trauma impacts more people than we realize, even ourselves. People in helping professions are especially at risk of being vicariously traumatized and need to learn the signs and symptoms in order to help prevent burn out.

More: As stated above individualized trainings are available. If your organization has been seeing a pattern in retention problems, compassion fatigue and an uninviting atmosphere please reach out and see how I can support you.


Trainings and presentations start at $250 for a 90 minute presentation. There may be additional costs depending on travel and the work down outside of the presentation itsself. This will be agreed upon prior to the presentation.