Stress Less: 

Feeling overwhelmed, overloaded or struggling in general to manage the day to day stress you have? Stress Less is a 6 week group to help you learn the impact of stress on the nervous system, mind, and body. Each session you will learn different techniques to support reducing stress, and living a more present life. We often heal in community and believe that group therapy is a powerful tool to gain the support you need to live the life you want.

Cost: $30/group & we accept certain insurances

When: Starts Tues Sept 21st 6p – 730p

John is an Advanced Practice Social Worker in the state of Wisconsin. He offers individual and group therapy at Empowerment WIthin LLC. If you are interested in a free consultation to see if the group is a good fit for you please call.

Contact Info:

Phone: (414) 446-0751