One thing’s for sure, depression makes you feel stuck. It makes you feel lazy, slow, and at times incompetent. You can’t even rest well when you are depressed because the thoughts of needing to do more, but feeling to paralyzed to do it, continue on. So you sit in a cycle of feeling stuck and more and more like you need to move but can’t. 

You may be struggling with depression. Depression can come from our gene pool, and oftentimes what we have found is that there is old belief systems that are stuck making you feel like you aren’t good enough. Depression can happen quickly or it can be a persistent thing that you have felt under the surface most of your life.

Depression can feel paralyzing. If you are struggling with: 

  • Low motivation 
  • Disconnection from what used to make you happy 
  • Feelings of worthlessness 
  • Feeling stuck  
  • No future planning 
  • Asking yourself “what’s the point”
  • Empty

We hold a nonjudgmental atmosphere for you to start to get to know your depression a little better. Self-awareness is key when it comes to depression because we will slowly help you transition from us coaching your depression to you being able to do this. Some goals of treatment around depression could be: 

  • Finding more meaning in life 
  • Feeling more self-connected 
  • Higher self-compassion and self-worth 
  • Being able to move more freely 
  • Connecting with friends, family and making new connections 
  • Getting more movement in 
  • Being able to follow through with tasks you want & need to do 

If any of these sound like something you need reach out! All of our therapists have a focus on depression and can help you in individual ways.