“We don’t have to do it all alone, we were never meant to”
– Brene Brown

Are you feeling stuck, lost, or that there is more to you? Are you looking to be your best self, to be heard, seen, and work through some of your deeper struggles that may be hard to talk about with others? Empowerment Within helps communities and individuals create a sense of well-being, balance, and peace in their lives, workplaces, and community. Empowerment Within provides non-judgmental, compassionate, and strength-driven services whether you are interested in self-growth or community education.

Empowerment Within provides counseling, consultating and community education. Empowerment Within was started to provide a space for individuals to feel seen, shed layers of their pasts that keep them stuck and find healing and empowerment within themselves. Empowerment Within also creates community education and trainings. These focus on workplace culture, compassion and communication.

Whether you are here for healing for yourself or wanting to educate and cultivate a more compassionate and action-oriented workplace, we can help. You deserve to know that you are connecting with the right person. Click below to read about our clinicians.

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You know that there is more for you, you can envision a more authentic and ambitious future. A future in which your self-doubt, worries, and obstacles are put behind you. Where you are able to be present and engaged in all areas of your life. Counseling can support you in aligning with your more authentic and true self if you are ready to put in the work. I utilize therapies like, Brainspotting, DBT & Mindfulness.

Looking to support your employees in cultivating more action, ambition, and innovation? Are you wanting to host a workshop in supporting your community of clients towards self-confidence, following intuition, and cultivating authenticity? Do you want your co-workers to understand more about mental health, trauma, stress & the body and resiliency?

Patrice provides consultations to other clinicians. She utilizes skills such as Brainspotting, DBT, Mindfulness and worksheets. Consultation is a great way to improve your practice and enhance your skills.


Empowerment Within has gifted therapists. I have been able to process so much using Brainspotting that I haven’t been able to work through with traditional talk therapy. I would (and have!) recommended Empowerment Within to anyone seeking a therapist who is warm, welcoming, and willing to challenge you when needed.

The therapists at Empowerment Within are kind, intelligent, and welcoming. I’ve been able to talk with them about sensitive things without ever feeling judged or dismissed, and I feel better just in being in their presence. They genuinely care about the people they work with.

A little over 2 years ago, God placed Patrice in my life. Since then, my life has been forever changed in ways I never thought possible. In Patrice I have found not just an incredible therapist, a truly caring and empathetic woman, and someone I trust with every part of my life, but most importantly I have found – and am still getting to know and accept – my true self. Patrice is so true to herself and to her clients…and quite simply, she just “gets it.”