Overall you are doing well – you have created a life that you are happy with but you have an aching feeling inside that there is more. Maybe you have a business idea in the back of your mind, or feeling like you could be more self-connected and engaged in self-care. 

Honestly, expansion work can elevate your healing to a place you never anticipated. Often in therapy our focus is always the pain points. While it is important to address pain, it is just as important to address expansion. This helps us become, stay in and align with who we truly are. Which means in hardships, we are able to more easily sail through and we are often able to find more joy, meaning and connection in the smallest of moments.

Expansion work can help you with: 

  • Deepening your authenticity 
  • Shifting into a self-compassionate state of being 
  • Embracing what truly matters to you, what gives you joy 
  • Creating inner peace 
  • Expand your spirituality 
  • Build curiosity, less judgment and overall a calm and connected state of being 

Currently, our only therapist providing expansion work is Patrice. She has gone through specific training utilizing Brainspotting with expansion to help you with this deep internal connection, meaning and joy. Insurance does not cover expansion work as they have a focus on reactive treatment rather than proactive so all expansion work is done through private pay. 


To learn more contact Patrice at 262-563-9207 or via email: patricefm@empowermentwithinllc.com