Grief & Loss

Grief and loss can be one of the most confusing experiences. It isn’t concrete, healing from it isn’t linear, and there are many people who can’t hold space for us – in turn it can feel deeply isolating. Grief can make us feel like we are standing in the middle of the storm with no way out, we can’t see in front of us, we feel we can’t move, we just stay stuck.

Grief work requires that you are with a therapist that doesn’t need to make meaning out of the grief right away, that can just sit with you in the feelings of hopelessness. One thing we know is our job is to start with sitting in the storm with you, so you aren’t alone. As we sit with you, you start to be able to stand and take steps forward. It doesn’t mean the storm won’t come and go but it won’t be as paralyzing. 

Grief also has complexities. It is not as simple as someone has died and now I must grieve them. Grief can be ambiguous, hidden, unclear. Loss of a job, a pregnancy, death by suicide, adoption, a childhood that should have been, support you should have received. There are so many layers and complexities to grief that we can support you with.

Our goal is to start helping you move again, and as you start to move your goals will too. Grief work is not about not having any of the sadness, but some goals might look like: 

  • Finding meaning again 
  • Smiling authentically 
  • Honoring your strength 
  • Talking about your grief 
  • Building self compassion 
  • Finding rituals to honor a loved one 
  • Finding happiness 

If you have recently gone through loss or have unprocessed loss from long ago reach out, we will provide a supportive and comforting environment for you to move through some of it. 

Our grief/loss therapists: Kala, Kaitlin, Patrice