Group Therapy

Healing often happens in community. We are strong believers that when you create a space where people are able to share their stories, learn together and see that they are not alone in struggle – healing takes place. 

The suffering we so often put on ourselves for being the only one going through this thing decreases, we learn skills and we create bonds with people who can support us in skill building. This is a big reason Empowerment Within offers groups.

We welcome anyone into our groups – if you would like to first speak with the group leader prior, please let us know and we can arrange that. Our hope is that this will be an experience that makes you feel seen, heard and give you valuable tools for your day to day life. 

Each group has a different cost and will vary on if we accept insurance or not. Our current groups are below – please click the link and you will be brought to the page for that group with information on: what the group is, who is running it, times, costs and what you will learn throughout. 


Healing through Storytelling