Individual Therapy

Being a human being is complicated. We all have moments in life where we feel lost, disconnected and confused. Sometimes our normal self-care helps us get back. Othertimes, we struggle to figure it out all on our own. One thing we know is connection, support and being seen are essential to figuring it out, to accepting and loving ourselves. If you are interested in finding out more about the process of connecting with a therapist click here. 

Maybe you are going through a current life change or a recent loss. Or you have lived with the gnawing thoughts of anxiety, depression, shame throughout your whole life and know that there must be another way. Empowerment Within supports each client individually, where they are at. All of our clinicians have a non judgmental approach to help you dig deeper, learn more about yourself and work through the obstacles holding you back from you.

Individual therapy can mean a lot of different things; it could be  learning new skills to cope with day to day stress better, reconnecting with yourself and building awareness to who you are. Maybe you need help releasing negative thoughts, or past life experiences that keep you stuck. We work with a wide variety of people and while each of our therapists have a different technique, we all believe in one thing – healing happens together, not alone. 

We help individuals create a greater sense of wellness, life balance, peace, and overall self-connection. We know that therapy can be scary at first, going in to talk to someone and dumping your life history out on the table. We provide a space for individuals to feel seen, shed layers of their pasts that keep them stuck and find healing and empowerment within themselves. We offer a free 15 minute consultation to each client to ensure that we are a good fit for them. If interested click here. 

If you are tired of waiting to live your life freely, reach out.