Who and Why?

A part of the mission at Empowerment Within is to build up the communities through education and skill-building. Destigmatizing mental health, normalizing stress, and giving ways on how to cope with this creates a healthier and more fulfilled community. Presentations information around education and skill building, workshops are more interactive and create a space for participants to connect and practice together.

Trainings are offered to any and all organizations and businesses and can be individualized to your needs. They are designed to increase effectiveness in the workplace by offering additional support to employees. Companies can have higher retention rates, overall productivity, and a vibrant community. To achieve this you need company support and education.

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Current Core Presentations & Workshops

Cultivating Healthy Workplace Cultures: Supporting discussion and education around our part in encouraging workplace self care & balance. Understanding the impacts of gossiping and creating an “other” and how to use our values to guide us in being our best self at work.

Stress & Wellness: Understanding how stress impacts our body and work and basics around finding more balance. This can be tailored to your specific needs and stressors.

Empathetic Communication: Cultivating compassionate and firm communication within the workplace. You will learn how to create empathy and compassion for others while respecting your values and boundaries and communicate this in a healthy way.

What have you done in the past?

Past Presentations Include:

Stress and Wellness: Stress’s impact on the mind and body. Additionally, ways to find balance in your life to decrease your stress levels and manage stress more effectively.

Mental Health, Trauma and Adversity: General education on mental health symptoms, trauma and how adversity impacts the mind and body

Understanding Trauma and Innovative Therapies such as Brainspotting and Mindfulness: This training focuses on understanding how our own backgrounds impact us today through brain science. We review Brainspotting and Mindfulness as effective tools to deepen your healing and enliven your life.

Vicarious Trauma: Vicarious trauma impacts more people than we realize, even ourselves. People in helping professions are especially at risk of being vicariously traumatized and need to learn the signs and symptoms in order to help prevent burn out.

More: As stated above individualized trainings are available. If your organization has been seeing a pattern in retention problems, compassion fatigue and an uninviting atmosphere please reach out and see how I can support you.


Trainings and presentations start at $250 for a 90 minute presentation. There may be additional costs depending on travel and the work down outside of the presentation itsself. This will be agreed upon prior to the presentation.

Please reach out to learn more and see if we would be a good fit for you.