Chances are, you’ve landed on this page because you are struggling with something. That could be feeling stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, or tired of your inner critic we are here to support you. Individual therapy can feel daunting at first, vulnerability and trust are something we believe is earned, not granted because we are therapists. We hold gratitude for being able to hold a space in which you are able to feel and process what you need in order to move forward with your life. Our goal is that you gain more freedom, connection with yourself, and ease in your life.

Ultimately, there are a lot of ways to do this in session, and finding the right fit for you is important.
Empowerment Within provides a unique environment for clients to grow in therapy. Each individual we work with creates their own goals of therapy and talks through the best way to achieve these with their therapist. We utilize different methodologies such as Brainspotting and mindfulness to help you grow in ways that weren’t imaginable. Read below about our therapists. Our goal is to support you in expanding on your strengths while addressing ways to improve from the inside out.

If you would like to learn more about some of our approaches click here to learn about Brainspotting, and here to learn more about DBT & Mindfulness. For frequently asked questions around cost, insurance & others please click here.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Community Educator

As a therapist, I will help help you feel seen, understood, and re-establish belief in yourself, your intuition, and your connection to who you truly are. I have found innovative and holistic ways that support growth, brain re-organization, and self-connection.

A part of you is here because you know that there is more for you. Having the right person and support is an important part of achieving your goals. You deserve to be seen, heard, and be present in an environment that is judgment and criticism-free. In turn, I provide different types of healing to clarify what is at the root of your struggles. Being your therapist means, I listen, provide support and guidance that leads you towards healing.

Some of my specialties include trauma (single episode or developmental), anxiety, high performing anxiety, perfectionism, & people-pleasing. I also support individuals in expanding into future aspirations or goals and enhanced performance in work, personal life, sports, etc.


Credentials & Certifications

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in state of WI
Masters of Social Work from UW – Milwaukee
Trauma Informed Training through UW – Milwaukee
Brainspotting Certified and Trained through Phases 1 – 4, Master Class
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Trained
Mindful Self-Compassion Trained


Advanced Practice Social Worker

Feeling like you are running constantly in your head? Worried about past experiences, what your future holds, or even doubting your abilities? Often, these thoughts make us feel like we are stuck running in place, spending all of our energy to get through the day with nothing to show for it, or feeling disconnected from ourselves and those around us. Slowing down, connecting with yourself, and being present and engaged is possible.

I focus on collaboration in the therapy office and work to guide and coach you towards being present with your emotions without feeling overwhelmed. I utilize methods such as grounding, mindfulness, mind/body work, meditation, and Brainspotting. With a holistic approach, I establish a non-judgmental space for you to explore your inner workings and transform your pain into understanding and self-acceptance.

I work individually with adolescents and adults. I currently accept private pay with a sliding scale available along with straight Medicaid insurance, Medicaid – Blue Cross Blue Sheild & Children’s Community Health Plan.

You can reach Kaitlin directly at: 414-944-1299


Credentials & Certifications

Advanced Practice Social Worker in state of WI

Masters of Social Work from UW – Milwaukee

Trauma-Informed Training through UW – Milwaukee

Brainspotting Trained through Phases 1 – 4, Master Class


Licensed Professional Counselor

People get stuck. People feel sad. People get angry.Being a human has its challenges. It can be messy. Sometimes we have trouble managing our feelings and/or our behavior. We can get lost in our fears and anxiety. We can get stuck in memories of a problem-saturated past, or feel overwhelmed by current events.Maybe it’s an addiction, or an unsustainable way of coping with stress. 

We can experience depression, anxiety, disability and many challenges to our mental health—and it is not unusual during hard times for people to lose trust in themselves and others.For me, as a therapist, nothing surpasses the joy of helping clients build their own self-awareness to move from wherever they are feeling wounded or stuck into a place where they can safely rediscover and claim their own strengths and ability to be self-caring, problem-solving and able to make healing choices in their lives.I am a therapist who focuses on integrating mental health with emotional, physical and spiritual well being. 

I love working with a diverse group of individuals and couples, specializing in loss and grief: death, divorce, disability, jobs loss, aging, illness, substance dependency/addictions, trauma, challengies with communication, understanding and connection in couples.I use an integrated approach to therapy which includes cognitive behavioral therapy, psycho-education, mindfulness, analytic psychology and narrative therapy, Internal Family Systems.

You can contact Karen directly at: 608- 438- 1469


Credentials & Certifications

Licensed Professional Counselor in state of WI
MS in Counseling from UW – Whitewater
Trauma-Informed Training
Reiki Master


Advanced Practice Social worker state of WI

It can be exhausting and frustrating when everyday life seems daunting. A struggle to accept oneself, feeling like you could do more in life, or even having the energy to get up in the morning. The feelings of sadness, anxiety, issues with relationships, grief or going back to work after a pause in life are all issues that affect our everyday life physically and mentally. Instead of following this journey, you can have the chance for healing and self-growth.

Everyone who is interested in helping themselves heal deserves should be offered the
opportunity for growth. Together we will include mental health counseling and art therapies, to navigate through issues including conflict, grief, anxiety, partner conflict/issues, family/couples’ conflict, self-esteem issues, post-partum grief/loss and/or depression, while using a holistic and combined approach to talk therapy. We will work together to address behavioral patterns during our time together and assist you in developing new ways of thinking.

The first step in healing is reaching out; though this may seem difficult, I will work with you in each step. My goal is to help you reach your personal goals and move toward improved wellness, awareness, positive attitudes and acceptance of feelings. Our time together will be in a safe and judgement-free atmosphere. I would like to invite you to reach out and take the first step towards your personal healing journey!

Phone: 414-446-0751

Credentials & Certifications

Training in Grief, Bereavement and Hospice