Healing often happens in community. Even when we are not sharing our story – being around others while we feel through our story and start to create healing for ourselves can heal wounds from our past of being unseen. 

Empowerment Within provides workshops at our location and also collaborate with different businesses to provide community support. If there is a past workshop you are interested in please reach out – with enough demand we will work to find a time that works best for all interested.

If you are interested in hosting a community workshop or attending one at Empowerment Within please reach out to Patrice at

Upcoming Workshops:

Past Workshops: 

Innovative Therapies to Increase Wellness: Have you felt stuck with therapy in the past? Like you know what you should do but have a hard time feeling it, or putting it into action? There are a few innovative therapies that support increasing your self-alignment so you can act in line with who you are. This workshop talks about different therapies and provides a couple of experiential exercises to explore what might be best for you. 

Exploring Values to help Self-Connection: Sometimes we feel completely lost, other times we have moments of losing ourselves. This workshop focuses on exploring your own values and learning to anchor into those values in times of distress or feeling lost. When we lean into our values in hard times, we leave feeling less guilt or remorse and more pride and self-connection 

Learning to Release Stress through the Body: So often we try to think our way out of stress, creating logic to tell ourselves why it will be fine. But at the end of the day – we still don’t feel fine. We will focus on understanding the mind and body, how they are connected and skills to start bringing a calm, grounded or settled feeling to your body in times of stress.