Brainspotting Consultation

Patrice Flanagan-Morris – Specialty Trainer & Consultant

I am a specialty Brainspotting Trainer and consultant. I can support you in moving forward with becoming certified in Brainspotting or just one on one consultation to enhance your Brainspotting practice. 

You have the opportunity to engage in Brainspotting every session with a client, whether you pull out the pointer or not.

Brainspotting is more about supporting clients in re-organizing nueral pathways in their brain to release trauma or conditioning AND move into joy, fulfillment and connection. Brainspotting should include both! 

We work together to figure out what is working well, where you are stuck or possibly what you need to practice more so you are comfortable and attuned with Brainspotting. The more comfort we have, the more we trust the process, and clients can go to amazing places. 

The consultation process includes a minimum of six one-hour sessions for certification. In our first session, we’ll determine the speed at which you’d like to move. Click here to see the requirements through Brainspotting Inc. Many consultees choose to meet once per month in order to have time to implement the skills we discuss.

Achieve New Heights In Your Career

"Advanced trainings and certifications are an investment that we as clinicians cannot afford to miss, and I can assure you from personal experience that you will not regret working with Patrice Cate at Empowerment Within. Patrice is a highly competent and experienced Brainspotting consultant whose intentionally empathetic presence will challenge you to achieve new heights in your career and understanding of psychology. If you are considering integrating Brainspotting into your practice or are otherwise in need of a supervisor, I highly recommend reaching out to Patrice." 
Nina Golemi
Certified in Brainspotting

Frequently Asked Questions:


Brainspotting is an innovative and flexible therapy. It helps our clients re-organize the brain to keep the past in the past and prevent emotions from hijacking them. This supports clients in moving toward more alignment, self-compassion, and responding overreacting.

Brainspotting certification and consultation allows you to challenge yourself to try new techniques. You will learn to use Brainspotting with clients who may be apprehensive or disconnected from the process. Finding the right consultant for your target population helps your clients to process and release at a deeper level.

Patrice’s consultation rate is $150/hour. She is open to working with individuals whose organizations are paying for their consultation and can provide invoices for each session.

I have worked in jails, crisis intervention, suicide hotline, domestic violence, outpatient for women who are part of the criminal justice system, residential settings for teenage girls, and outpatient care.

Currently I work with anxiety, trauma, perfectionism, people-pleasing, fawn responding, women in leadership, perinatal populations.

Patrice uses DBT, ACT, and self-compassion work in conjunction with Brainspotting. Expansion work is added in with the majority of clients to support processing of pain and new connection toward what becomes possible.

Patrice offers a free 15-minute consultation so you can be confident she is the right consultant for you. Click here to schedule a consultation.

Brainspotting Trainings that I have completed: 
Phase 1 – 4 
Master Class
Parts Work 
Co-Regulating Couples 
Limbic Countertransference
From Freeze to Thaw