Brainspotting Consultation

Patrice Flanagan-Morris – Certified Brainspotter and Consultant

As a Brainspotting consultant, I support clinicians who are possibly feeling stuck, or want to enhance their skills. You can feel a pull towards utilizing Brainspotting more, but you can’t get your clients to connect in, you aren’t sure how to teach about it in simplistic and in depth ways. Brainspotting is a different way of supporting clients through healing, having individual support can help you enhance your abilities as a Brainspotting clinician.

Consultation is tailored around your needs and is meant to empower you and help you expand and enhance your practice for the needs of your clients.

"Advanced trainings and certifications are an investment that we as clinicians cannot afford to miss, and I can assure you from personal experience that you will not regret working with Patrice Cate at Empowerment Within. Patrice is a highly competent and experienced Brainspotting consultant whose intentionally empathetic presence will challenge you to achieve new heights in your career and understanding of psychology. If you are considering integrating Brainspotting into your practice or are otherwise in need of a supervisor, I highly recommend reaching out to Patrice." 
Nina Golemi
Certified in Brainspotting

Frequently Asked Questions:

Brainspotting is an innovative and flexible therapy. It supports our clients in re-organizing the brain. Because of this re-organization, the brain is able to keep the past in the past, and our emotions no longer hijack us. This supports clients in moving towards more alignment, self-compassion, and responding overreacting.

Brainspotting certification and consultation can support you in challenging yourself to try some of the techniques that you haven’t been using. As a result, you will learn to utilize Brainspotting with clients who may be apprehensive or disconnected from the process. Finding the right consultant for your target population helps you in getting your clients to process and release at an even deeper level.

It can be easy to feel lost as a Brainspotting clinician due to the uncertainty principle. My goal in working with each of my consultees is they have a place to ask any questions without judgment. Generally speaking, you will understand where some of your own blocks may be getting in the way. In turn, your presence and attunement will increase.

The consultation process includes a minimum of 6, 1 hour sessions. In our first session, we decide the speed that you want to go at. Many people choose to do once per month, in order to have time to implement the skills we discuss. As with Brainspotting, the process will be guided by you. There are specific things that we will need to cover, you can find them here.

My rates for consultation are $150/hr. I am open to working with individuals that are having their organizations pay for the consultation. When asked, I will provide invoices for each of our sessions.
Some of the settings that I have worked in are as follows: jails, crisis intervention, suicide hotline, domestic violence, outpatient for women apart of the criminal justice system, residential setting for teenage girls, and outpatient care. My current areas of focus are: individuals 14+, first responders, other helping professionals (nurses, teachers, therapists). There is a focus on symptoms of trauma, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, & perfectionism. I utilize DBT, ACT, and self-compassion work in conjunction with Brainspotting. Expansion work is added in with the majority of my clients to support the processing of the pain and new connection towards what is possible now.

Some of my additional training includes trauma, Brainspotting, somatic work, self-compassion, dialectical behavioral therapy & mindfulness.

Finding the right consultant for you is essential. For this reason, I offer a free 15 minute consultation call to see what you are looking for in a consultant and to see if we are a good fit. If you decide we aren’t, I will support you in connecting to someone else.