Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in taking your life into your hands and making change for yourself, then you are in the right place.

We can help you

  • Work through past experiences so they no longer impact your day-to-day life
  • Move through blocks that hold you back from your goals
  • Create a greater sense of self-connection
  • Improve confidence, fulfillment and daily effectiveness
  • Empower yourself through new skills to make life more of what you want it to be

If you are stuck in a cycle of the same actions, thoughts and feelings, we can help. Therapy can support you in moving towards the direction you want. You know there is another path out there.

Everyone hits challenges in life, we often feel that reaching out for help makes us weak. When we reach out for help we have the opportunity to grow past what we knew was possible for us. We create empowerment for ourselves and find new skills that make life more of what we want it to be. 

Therapy is an individual process based on individual needs. Therapy can support in working through mood disorders, alleviate anxiety and depression and process trauma. It is also used to help people increase their satisfaction in life and within themselves, work through old narratives that we too often tell ourselves “I’m not good enough”, “I have to carry everyone else’s struggles” and “I’m alone or feel unseen” to name a few.

We also offer Brainspotting to support in working through blocks in your life that are impacting your performance. When we work through these blocks you are able to have increased confidence in yourself, increased creativity and innovation.

Therapy is offered in 30 minute, hour long or 90 minute sessions. This is up to you and what you feel your needs are. Therapy can be a weekly, every other week or monthly choice. We will give suggestions and whatever you choose is best for you, we follow 

No. If you already have a prescriber, we are happy to work as a team with this person to get you the best care possible.

Yes. We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to ensure we are a good fit for you. Click here to schedule a consultation.

Each therapist at Empowerment Within accepts different insurance and has their own private pay scale. One reason many people choose private pay over insurance is to keep their information private. Insurance requires a specific amount of information including a diagnosis, progress notes, and treatment plans to pay for services.

Please contact us for more information on which payment option is best for you.

Each session looks different to fit the needs of the individual. We work together to help you meet your goals and make changes in your life. Our therapists use a variety of techniques including talk therapy, Brainspotting and Mindfulness. Click here for more information.

All of our therapists have completed graduate school and are licensed in the state of Wisconsin. Empowerment Within specialties include anxiety, trauma, and depression. We also specialize in helping first responders, those in the healing profession (therapists, doctors, nurses and teachers), and anyone who is interested in shedding old negative views to live a more confident and happy life. 

We strongly encourage you to pick a therapist based on it feeling like a good fit and feeling confident in what they offer rather than licensing

Our specialties include: anxiety, trauma, depression, first responders, those in the helping profession (therapists, nurses, doctors, teachers), anyone who is interested in shedding old negative views of themselves to live a more confident and happy life. We also do group and couples work. 

We offer both online and in person appointments. Meaning that you are able to do therapy from the comfort of your own home or hours away, so long as you are located in WI. We utilize a HIPPA compliant form of Zoom or Therapy Notes for all online appointments. Insurance does not generally cover online appointments so these would be mainly available for private pay clients. Feel free to contact us!