“Leave the past in the past”, “get over it”, “just look forward”  

These are some of our least favorite statements when it comes to support in trauma. These are words you will never hear us say, because we understand that isn’t how trauma works. While it would be amazing if our brain just did a refresh and moved on from past experiences so that we could be open to new ones, it just isn’t how it works. 

We know that, with the abundance of trauma research over the last two decades we understand now more than ever that our brain is changed through traumatic experiences. These are sometimes things that happen to us but also things that didn’t happen, love, connection, emotional attunement that we didn’t get.

Trauma shows up in so many ways – body sensations, feelings of not being good enough, paralyzing fear when you hear a door slam shut too hard. Trauma generalizes, it takes over.

Signing up for trauma treatment is hard – many survivors have been to many therapists in the past that have done more harm than good. Our trauma therapists have specific and ongoing training in trauma and trauma treatment to support you the best way we possibly can. 

We work towards giving you autonomy, self-connection, re-connection to the world around you. You will walk out of our offices with a new sense of hope, and a connection to yourself where you are able to take on the world. 

Trauma therapy generally unfolds in a balance of three principles: safety, mourning and reconnection. While it would be nice to say that these happen in order, that rarely happens. The benefit of this is that we work on reconnection from the start – to support you in seeing what you are working towards. To support you in facing and feeling the pain that has brought you here. 

Finding the right match when working through trauma is key. Please visit our about-us page to learn more about each of us and schedule a free consultation. If you do not feel that person is a good fit, there is no pressure, you can try someone else or we will give you outside referrals.