Couples Therapy

Intimate relationships draw out all of our ‘stuff’.  They showcase our vulnerabilities, our strengths, and our patterns of behavior. These relationships shine a light on the things we, as individuals, might otherwise avoid or struggle with. Most of us have big dreams for our relationships, and we often have skewed views of relationships based on the media, or what others say is “right” vs “wrong”.  


If you are feeling stuck, contempt, or distant from your partner, couples therapy can help. We support partners to become advocates for themselves, their partner, and the relationship itself.

We work with each couple to support authentic connection, to themselves and their partner. We encourage curiosity over judgment and openness over a right vs wrong. In turn you won’t feel a need to justify, explain, or interpret yours or your partner’s behaviors. We support you in facing vulnerable topics to deepen your relationship. We work to help you problem solve, meet in the middle and stop the cycle of the same argument over and over again.

We take on the role of advocate for the relationship itself, and what the relationship needs in order to heal. We work to help build compassion in the relationship, develop effective communication, and become better supports for each of your personal growth. 

Our therapists that are seeing couples currently are: John Pitman and Karen Snider